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How I wrote, self-published, and sold my book

Whew. It’s done. My book The Art of Getting Sh*t Done is now available on Amazon and I have to sign then mail out 70 copies that I sold through my pre-order campaign.

How the heck did I do this?

Well it all started with a choice.

In life you have three options, you can be a Dreamer, a Doer… or both. I choose to be both, I love dreaming big and doing bigger. I have all these magical ideas and dreams but I don’t just stop there, I get it done.

Two years ago in November of 2016 after hosting the very first Get Shit Done Summit, I said to myself “I want to share my story, my journey, my adventures, and misadventures”. I started to write the first draft of The Art of Getting Sh*t Done. I would get bursts of creativity and energy and pump out a few pages but that momentum would die down. Bubbles of momentum continued to go and come until Feb 2018 when I finally committed to finishing the book by any means necessary.

On December 31st, 2018, I typed my last sentence, let out a sigh of relief and was DONE. Then on February 4th 2019 when the book went live on Amazon… I was DONE DONE. This journey was stressful, reflective, nerve racking, eye opening, fun, and overall amazing.

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