Welcome Address

The Get Shit Done Summit is back for its 3rd year!

The Get Shit Done Summit was created by Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy in 2016 as an annual gathering for the nation's hustlers who are Getting Shit Done.

When we use the term "getting shit done" we are speaking about individuals who don't just sit around and dream up ideas, but those who take the steps to go out there and DO!

​No matter what obstacles that may stand in their way they make it their duty to Get Shit Done!

We are talking about entrepreneurs, techies, professionals, students, just doers who are taking chances, perfecting their craft, and molding their legacy.

Now they are going to share their methods, growth hacks, and resources with YOU. The Get Shit Done Summit is here to create a safe, creative, and fun space for those doers to celebrate their accomplishments and share their stories, and help dreamers and other doers Get Shit done through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and connections!

Are you ready to Get Shit Done?!

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